A fully integrated approach

TEXELIS is a fully integrated company offering complete design, production and aftersale solutions.

Texelis provides support to manufacturer and operators throughout the complete products' life-cycles, from their initial design right through to their reconditioning.

1. Design and validation phase

In order to satisfy client needs for customised solutions under optimal conditions, Texelis has its own in house Design Office and high-performance Test Centre for carrying out physical validations.

  • Design

Texelis Design Office team develops industry leading, innovative products in partnership with Universities and Research centres. Its work is based on more than 40 years' experience in the design of power transmission units, taking into account aspects of performance, production implementation and costs of ownership. Expert advice is always available to discuss all demands concerning operational safety.

Customer wishes TEXELIS solutions
Everyday operations Minimum consumption of energy Optimisation of transmission yield by:
- Defining the gear ratios
- Selecting and assembling the bearings
- Defining the lubrication conditions
Maintenance Minimal and infrequent Increasing the number of kilometres the transmission oil can be used for by:
- Choosing the oil quality
- Choosing the volume of oil
- Optimising the overall heat appraisal during operation
Total overhaul Swift and not expensive - Only the bearings and seals need replacing. The other moving parts have a working life in excess of 30 years.
- Repairs carried out quickly: all subassemblies are designed for swift dismantling and reassembly (e.g.: guide bearings, etc.)

The costs of ownership are optimized from the design stage

  • Validation

The design is validated by digital modelling and physical tests (technical characterisation and endurance tests), carried out at the Texelis Test Centre, located only a few metres from the Research and Development Department.

2. Production run phase

Producing efficiently is a constant concern, supported by the deployment of a coherent production system. Texelis' manufacturing organisation is characterised by significant production resources and high flexibility.

To ensure that it is always able to deliver to customers systems that meet the required level of quality, Texelis has modernised its production resources, dividing them into two complementary sectors: Machining and Heat Treatment, and Assembling and Reconditioning.

The Machining sector

  • 60 machines with digital control (turning, broaching, rolling, milling, cutting and grinding)
  • 11 machines for heat and surface treatment (carburizing, hardening, induction hardening and phosphatation)

The Assembly and Reconditioning sector

  • 12 assembly units
  • 10 test benches

3. Service and Reconditioning phase

Texelis provides its customers with preventive and curative maintenance support.

The company is backed by an experienced, worldwide aftersales service network.

Locally-based experts, trained in maintaining and repairing Texelis equipment, can reach customer sites on all continents within 24 hours..

This network is able to carry out maintenance, repair and diagnosis operations for any Texelis customer, end to swiftly provide original spare parts and tools. It also offers methods of repair with the necessary associated training.

Texelis has a dedicated sector at the Limoges site, capable of carrying out the following operations on all its products in service:

  • Reconditioning
  • Repair of complete units
  • Technical upgrade and optimization
  • General overhaul
  • Anticorrosion treatment and painting