Mission Statement / History

  • Texelis is a developer and supplier of high-performance axles and powertrains destined for use in heavy-duty vehicles, especially those used for public transport (underground railways, trams, buses and cars) and defence (trucks and armoured vehicles).
  • For more than 40 years, Texelis' expertise has been focused on gearing quality, safety and reliability to the needs of the largest prime contractors in this sector.
  • TEXELIS offers a fully comprehensive service worldwide, from the preliminary design phase right through until the equipment requires refurbishment.

Fresh impetus coupled with long-standing manufacturing experience

We have been operating under the trading name of Texelis since 1 June 2008, although our history stretches back much further. We started out in the field of aeronautics in 1939 with the creation of a site in Limoges devoted to building aircraft engines.

In 1964, activities at the site were redirected towards the commercial vehicle sector when we was acquired by the manufacturer SAVIEM, which itself became part of the RENAULT Group in 1978.

Between 2000 and 2005, the site focused on small production runs of complete power transmission and load-bearing solutions for customers outside the group.

2005 saw the beginning of a gradual transfer of all departments from the RENAULT TRUCKS headquarters in Lyon to the Limoges site, including sales, purchasing, projects, research, after-sales and finance.

In 2008, the Limoges entity became a wholly-owned subsidiary of RENAULT TRUCKS under the name of TEXELIS.

On 1 October 2009, TEXELIS became an independent company with Philippe Frantz as its main shareholder. With its capacity for innovation and development, research and testing facilities, its manufacturing resources and its service network, TEXELIS is now driven by a new, totally customer-centric approach.

The year 2010 saw the start of major, 15m€ investment and product development program.

On 13 March 2012, TEXELIS was awarded Leading Partner status by ALSTOM and inducted into ALSTOM’s panel of top 150 strategic suppliers

2013 saw the launch of a new range of rigid axles, code named TANGO (Texelis Axle New Generation Offer), developed specifically for the allwheel drive vehicle market.

In 2014, TEXELIS expanded its product offer to include complete rail bogie solutions.

The Business Unit ‘Services' was created the following year, 2015, with a dedicated 1,000 sq. metre workshop fully equipped with the professional equipment needed to offer rapid and reliable renovation of rail products.

2016 marks the launching of T700, a lightweight 4 x 4 independent suspension axle range, in partnership with TIMONEY.

2017 : growing business, sustained investments and increased staffing. Texelis continues to expand and consolidates its commitment to its mission : to optimise the mobility of passenger transportation.

2018 : Nexter and TEXELIS win the SERVAL lightweight VBMR (Multi-Role Armoured Vehicle) contract for the French Army. It confirms the strategy of the enterprise to be specialist in wheeled armoured vehicle and public transport mobility.

On 12th December 2018, the Texelis management team, led by Charles-Antoine de Barbuat, acquire the majority shareholding of the Group with the support of institutional investors Siparex, Bpifrance and Carvest.