Publié le 18 mai 2021

Texelis et QinetiQ : l’annonce d’un partenariat stratégique

  • 18 Mai, 2021
  • Limoges and Farnborough

L’accord verra les entreprises fournir conjointement la technologie d’entrainement à moyeu électrique intégré aux marchés des véhicules blindés militaires.

Texelis et QinetiQ ont conclu un partenariat stratégique pour fournir conjointement la technologie d’entraînement à moyeu électrique intégré aux véhicules blindés militaires.

Dans le cadre du partenariat stratégique, Texelis fabriquera la technologie Hub Drive à grande échelle pour répondre aux demandes du marché; tandis que QinetiQ apportera la technologie et l’expertise de base en électrification. L’approche conjointe tirera parti de l’expertise technique et technologique unique des deux organisations.

Texelis and QinetiQ announce strategic partnership

Jean Vandel, Managing Director for Defense, Texelis, commented: “This is a very important area of development, both for Texelis and the military vehicle market worldwide. The Electric Hub Drive enables enhanced power, system efficiency and the ability to operate silently using the battery as a source of power. This allows us to rethink the vehicle power architecture completely and discard conventional axle and driveshaft design constraints. This offers vehicle OEMs much greater freedom to design the best, most flexible vehicles for tomorrow’s battlefield.

“We are extremely pleased to join with QinetiQ under this strategic agreement to enable military customers to access this design.”

Mike Sewart, Chief Technology Officer at QinetiQ, commented: “We are very excited to be partnering with Texelis in this fundamental component of military platform modernisation. QinetiQ’s Electric Drive capability has been in research and development for many years. We’ve leveraged our insight into global platform mobility solutions and electrification, and designed a solution to be used in the most advanced of military scenarios. Through our strategic partnership with Texelis we will be enhancing and scaling this capability to deliver solutions for our customers at pace.”

About Texelis

Texelis is a leader in the design and manufacture of axles, drivelines and total mobility solutions for 4×4, 6×6 and 8×8 military vehicles. Expertise gained over many decades working with vehicle manufacturers and military forces across the globe. In 2018, the DGA has entrusted the development and implementation contract for Light VBMR to Nexter and Texelis. The Light VBMR fulfils the light vehicle component of France’s “SCORPION” programme. Texelis is responsible for delivering the full vehicle driveline for integration with the systems produced by Nexter for Serval. This solution has been designed to maximise mobility for the extremely demanding and restrictive environment in which the French Army’s vehicle fleet operates in today’s battlefield, delivering advanced protection, and enhanced strategic and tactical mobility.
Texelis supports both manufacturers and operators throughout the product lifecycle, from initial design through renewal. Permanent attention is paid to the technical, robustness and adaptability to always meet the end-users needs and requirements. By expanding its offer developing chassis and mobility kits for monohull vehicles Texelis is proving all its know-how and technology and is positioning itself as the mobility partner of armoured vehicles of today and tomorrow. For further information please visit
Media contact: M: +44 (0) 7920 403 068

About QinetiQ

QinetiQ is a global integrated defence and security company focused on mission-led innovation for defence, security and civil customers around the world.
We are 6000 people creating new ways of protecting what matters most; testing technologies, systems, and processes to make sure they work as expected; and enabling customers to deploy new and enhanced-existing capabilities with the assurance they will deliver the outcomes required. For further information please visit
Media contact: Bryony Chinnery, / +44 (0) 7467117340

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