DESIGNED FOR, 4X4, 6X6 and 8X8 vehicles

The modular T900 ™ system has been adopted by military vehicle OEMs for a range of applications requiring
independent suspensions with an axle load of up to 9000 kg.

- T900 -

Robustness and reliability proven during thousands of kilometres of use
in the most extreme conditions. .

Complementary systems such as transfer cases, steering systems and amphibious transmissions allow the T900 ™ to be configured as a complete solution delivering
optimal mobility and performance.

The T900 was designed by Timoney and is manufactured by Texelis under license.

  • Configurations : 4×4, 6×6, 8×8
  • GAWR: 9000 kg*
  • Suspension medium: coil spring and damper or hydro-pneumatic strut
  • Ratios : various ratios-details available on application
  • Service brake system : Air or hydrolic disc, 44,600Nm maximum brake torque per axle
  • Differential locks: Driver controlled differentials with air actuated locks
  • others features : Facility to integrate with CTIS and ABS systems
  • Compatible complimentary systems: Single or twin axles steering and electro-hydraulic all-wheel steer systems; integrated transfer case; mechanical transmission for amphibious drive
  • *Higher axle loadings may be achievable based on application assessment

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