Published on 07 September 2020

Bombed, rebuilt, bombed, repurposed…

The events of WWII had a devastating impact on the historic site at Limoges

In fact, the factory was bombed twice. The first time was in February 1944 when three quarters of the facilities were destroyed, and the factory was rebuilt identically. It was then bombed again in June 1944, which marked the end of activity until 1946 when it was taken over by the Minister of Armaments and became the ACAA (Atelier Centrent des Automobiles de l’Armement).

This marked the beginning of the factory’s role as a dedicated site for the repair and maintenance of the French Army’s rolling stock. During this time, the facilities specialised in the renovation of Citroen vehicles, trucks and other army vehicles – and also embarked on an ambitious programme to renovate American Dodge vehicles …


Bombed, rebuilt, bombed, repurposed…



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