Published on 06 May 2021

Spotlight on Marie Elisabeth Munoz, Projects Sales Administration, Texelis

  •  06/05/2021
  • Limoges

Marie Elisabeth Munoz (known as Babeth) joined the Texelis organisation (then Renault Vi) in 1988 and has been a highly valued and motivated member of the team ever since.

With a career that has seen her undertake a number of roles in different departments, she has seen first-hand the transformation that Texelis has undergone in the last decade – and has learned all the tricks of the trade as a result!

Spotlight on Marie Elizabeth Munoz, Projects Sales Administration, Texelis 1

1 / Tell us about your role.

I joined Renault Vi on December 1, 1988 as a test bench operator for the AMX 30 tank engines.

In line with my diplomas, I then moved to a role in the maintenance department, and over the years I worked my way up from technician to manager.

In 2012 I turned to the Supply Chain department, undertaking the position of Prototype Provider/Planner.

Since then I have also integrated the function of Sales Administration into my role, and currently operate as Projects sales administration & planning.

2 / What’s your biggest milestone at Texelis?

Certainly the transition to SAP (Systems, Applications & Products in data processing) Initially I worked as Key User for curative and preventive maintenance, and then for the Supply Chain within projects.

The implementation of SAP was part of a structuring project for the company, and it has introduced many positives in the way we work with each other internally, and our clients, externally. Working with the key user team was rewarding, as I was contributing to the development of a powerful and reliable tool for the company. Its evolution into SAP has changed the way we work on a daily basis; we have increased in efficiency and productivity. Being able to support this shift by providing my vision during the implementation of the modules and on the changes to be undertaken, sharing my experience and my know-how, all directly contributed to me gaining in professional confidence and developing my initiative

3 / What is your favourite thing about working for Texelis?

What I enjoy most about my job is the human relationships, both internally with my colleagues and with clients, many of whom I have worked with for many years throughout ongoing projects. They do become part of the team! It’s also very rewarding and exciting to see a CAD drawing on the design screen become reality, and made in our factory. It is always an extremely gratifying moment we deliver first prototypes!

Working on projects has also given me the opportunity to develop my analytical skills and adaptability. You have to be proactive, attentive and responsive in order to take a project from its conception, through the hurdles we encounter along the way, and deliver a positive outcome at the end – both for the client and for Texelis. It has also given me a global vision of our business, from the sales department at the moment of the offer to the delivery to the customer. Then as we shift to after-sales support, that adds another dynamic to the project and the customer relationship. Texelis’ whole life-cycle outlook makes the company a unique place to work, and offers our team many ways to develop our skillsets to manage long term programmes.

4 / What distinguishes Texelis as an employer?

EVOLUTION: In 33 years I have had the chance to see the company transform, grow and perform.

ADAPTABILITY: We have adapted our organization and our management methods from the inside out, in order to meet shifts in the market and our customer requirements.

PERFORMANCE: The technological evolution of our products is noteworthy.

PEOPLE: I am lucky to have had the opportunity to make great professional and personal connections in my time at TEXELIS. It is an enrichment that is priceless.

INTERNATIONAL: Over the years I have seen the company evolve from a single production site in France and open up to the outside world, to become the mobility partner of choice for customers worldwide.



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